Cast & Blast

Early May means great fishing and chasing turkeys and so far so good.   Water temps have hovered around 50 degrees and air temps are hitting the mid-60s for a high.  This spring, the smallmouth bass have been really active and I’ve been surprised at how fat they are.  We’ve contacted lots of smaller northern pike too but the big ones haven’t been super active, which is normal right after ice out.  They should be picking up in the next week or two.  Trout and salmon are definitely biting on sewn smelts and slowly trolled hardware like Mooseleuk Wobblers.

This spring’s turkey hunting has been pretty good so far.  The Toms are strutting around and quite vocal in the morning.  The whole key is to find where they are roosting at night and getting set up close by early in the morning.  It’s thrilling to hear them come flying out of the trees at dawn, gobbling away and causing all sorts of ruckus!  There has been one difference this year that I noticed and that is coyotes chasing turkeys around on some of the local farms.  The coyotes make it hard to get any sort of pattern on the birds because they scatter them around so much.  It’s just an extra challenge to make the hunt all the more fun.