Ice fishing is in full swing now

It’s mid January and the kids have a snow day today. We are suppose to get about a foot of snow, which is great for the snowmobiliers but not so much for the ice fishermen who use ATV’s to get around. Looks like everyone will need to either walk or use a snowmobile for the next week until this snow settles down. We do need the snow though and it makes everying really pretty outside.

In the last two weeks I’ve fished quite a bit, including filming a television show for On the Water TV. What a great time and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished version.  I put some additional pictures from the shoot on the ice fishing page 

During the last couple of trips we also did some short videos too.  It’s fun to try and capture video footage while ice fish.  Here’s a couple on YouTube.  The first is a trip over at the O’Connor’s house on Long Pond.  Great people!!!!  The second is on Snow Pond with my friend Dustin.  Hope you enjoy them.

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