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Black Powder Deer Hunting

Black Powder Hunting is an awesome way to hunt Central Maine!   We usually have snow on the ground and the deer are keyed up on the secondary rut and food sources.  We hunt this season in ground blinds, some tree stands and still hunting/stalking.  It’s exciting!  The cottage on Snow Pond and the cottage in Mt. Vernon offer comfortable lodging and easy access to the deer.  The December season is a great time track a true Maine giant buck.  Season starts the Monday after Thanksgiving and runs for 2 weeks.  Rates are $1500 a week including guides and lodging.  

Turkey Hunting

Hunt the central Maine farmlands and woods for Maine’s elusive wild turkey. It’s been said that Maine offers the best wild turkey hunting experience in the USA! Big, wild, unpressured birds are a turkey hunters dream come true!   If you tag out, our guides will take you fishing during the rest of your stay or on a coyote hunt!

Whitetail Deer

Maine’s most sought after big game animal! We offer a variety of whitetail deer hunts with bow, rifle and black powder on private land ranging from the Belgrade Lakes Region to the north woods. Hunt from the lodge, spike camps or even private lakeside cottages! Personalized guide services are available or you can “do-it-yourself” with the help of our expert staffers. Rates vary depending on your needs. Our most popular package includes a semi-guided, 5-day hunt with lodging, meals and guide for $900 per person. Unguided hunts with meals and lodging are only $650!

Black Bear Hunting Over Bait Sites

Maine offers the finest black bear hunting opportunity anywhere in the USA. 125 bait sites give each hunter throughout the season an active bait to sit on. The guides bait the sites daily so they know which baits are the best. Hunt from ladder tree stands or ground blinds and we accommodate the handicapped hunter as well. Rates: $1650/p.p. 5-day/6 nights, includes all meals, lodging, and daily transportation to and from the bait site.

Black Bear Hunting with Hounds

Let the chase begin! There is nothing else like it! Early morning departure, the dogs scenting a bear having recently been in the area, releasing them on the trail, and listening to the passionate barks and yelps as they get closer to the bear, and eventually put it in a tree. If you’ve never done it, you’ll want to try it. You must be in good physical condition for this hunt, the potential is there to hike miles, or you could get lucky and tree the bear close to the road. We only take 1-2 people per week. Price: $1900/pp,5 day/6 nights, includes all meals, lodging, and transportation.

Small Game

if you haven’t hunted Maine for small game, you’re missing out on some great gunning. Our guides know the classic covers and will put you in terrific woodcock and grouse hunting grounds.

Ducks & Geese

Lodging is available at the Snow Pond camps or the Androscoggin Lake Cottage. Full Guide Services include all your duck/Goose Hunting needs with the exception of shotgun and licenses. Maine Master Guides run these trips on local marshes with established blinds, jump shooting local rivers or spend the day on the famous Merrymeeting Bay of the Kennebec River. Young hunters are VERY welcome! Excellent fishing opportunities during non-hunting times of day too. Guide Fees: $300 a day (up to 3 people).

Combination Duck and Grouse Hunts
NEW! Combination puddle duck and grouse combination hunt with a Maine Master Guide – 300.00 a day 1 – 3 people, 



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