May in Maine Equals Non-Stop Fun!


May has to be my favorite month in Maine, although I do love the fall too! For anyone that enjoys the outdoors, May has something for everyone. Activities range from hunting wild turkeys and coyotes to  fly fishing for brook trout to lake fishing for monster pike, bass and crappie. There’s so much to do that I often become sleep deprived!

This past week was the opening of wild turkey season. It started with a “bang” when Darrell shot a nice bird at 5:40 in the morning! That turkey put on quite a show and will be delicious on the plate too. Since then it’s been bow hunting for turkeys and fishing for smallies. Oh, and the weather has been absolutely fabulous. We actually could use a little rain because the lake water is starting to warm up too fast. Although I won’t be complaining this Saturday when I put the docks in. Usually I already have them in by now, but I’m a bit behind schedule because of all the turkey hunting. Speaking of turkey hunting, my friend Dr. Whitney King put an arrow in a turkey this morning. We had birds all around us so it was just a matter of time. He really is a great shot with his bow.

A quick story – this morning after Whitney shot his bird, I took a walk down an old snowmobile trail. The trail is surrounded by alder trees and wouldn’t you know – I stepped on a woodcock. I didn’t hurt the bird, but she darn near flew up my pant leg, and I let a little scream of surprise and shock when she took flight. Those little buggers are like mini-helicopters when they take off! Not to mention they are perfectly camouflaged, so you never see them until it’s too late. Just seeing them nesting makes me realize that spring is here.

One last nugget – the fiddleheads are just starting to come out right now. A little rain would help, but they seem to love this extra sunshine. My kids and I will be picking them this week – can’t wait!!

~ Mike

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