Ice Fishing


Carol caught this beauty on one of those days you remember forever!

Winter is prime time to target northern pike, bass, perch, crappie, and trout in the Belgrade Lakes region of Maine.

We focus on the famous Belgrade Lakes Region of Maine where big pike is a possibility on any outing, and we also fish Mount Desert Island and surrounding Acadia National Park.

Guided ice fishing packages are available and include bait, food, registered Maine guide, equipment, ice shacks, etc, etc. 1/2 & full day trips are available.








Here are some video’s of Belgrade Lakes ice fishing trips. We also post videos often on our facebook page!

This video stars my friend Dustin and my daughter, Elena.  It was a beautiful day on the lake, warm with no wind and a beautiful sunny sky.  Dustin caught this fish late in the afternoon and the lowering sun made for great footage!

This video was taken at the O’Connors house on Long Pond.  These are great folks and we look forward to guiding them every year.  This year was a bit windy, but we made a big fire and cooked northern pike and pickerel the old fashion way – right on the fire!  It was spectacular.  As with most of our guided trips, we spent the day playing on the snowmobiles, working on the fire and chasing flags.

This video stars some future Maine Guides!  Katie, Elena, and Olivia (along with Gabby the Golden) had some laughs as Katie caught this nice pickerel right in front of the Snow Pond Cottage that we rent.  It was pretty windy that day, but it was not cold outside.  I don’t know who had more fun, the kids, the dog or me!