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A Welcome Note From Darrell

Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Darrell with BearDarrell’s Adventures … I first met Mike Guarino a few years back through a mutual business associate and then last year I started fishing and hunting with Mike using his Maine Wilderness Tours service. Our connection was immediate. We shared a love for the outdoors and the great State of Maine, and, we have a shared love for adventure. We also belief that to be successful in business you need to give your clients great service and value for their hard earned dollars. Mike does that and I am proud to be connected with him in this small way.

And, now a little about myself; I was born 52 years ago in Nova Scotia and grew up in a family that fished and hunted. At age 25 or so I abandoned the outdoors in favor of career and not too long after, family. In 1994 I moved our family to Maine to manage my international seafood business. My wife and I, and our two sons made our home in the greater Portland area where in addition to operating a prosperous business we became involved in baseball, skiing, various charities, and scouting. In fact both of our boys attained the rank of Eagle Scout. In 2005 I undertook two significant tasks. One was to become a U.S. citizen and the second to begin hunting and fishing again. In May of that year our entire family were sworn in as citizens of this great country.

The approach I took to hunting and fishing was to go back to the beginning. Assume I knew nothing, and hire the best outfitters and guides I could afford. I wanted to learn from the best. The result has been six years of incredible adventures, an opportunity to meet some wonderful people, and some pretty good results. During my foray back into hunting I have been lucky enough to have harvested moose and a caribou in Newfoundland, hunted whitetail on Anticosti Island, shot trophy bear in New Brunswick, harvested ducks, geese, turkeys, and pheasants here in Maine. And, by the way, I just recently completed my deer slam by taking a trophy 8 point Coues Whitetail in southern Arizona. Previously I had harvested a 10 point, 220 pound whitetail in Maine, a 330 pound, 10 point mule deer in Wyoming, and a 7 point Black-tail in Washington state. On the fishing front I have relearned how to fly fish, fished with sinking lines for the first time, and caught some really nice trout, bass, pike, and landlocked salmon. I am still learning about scrapes, rubs, scents, ballistics, which lures and flies to use, how much to tip a good guide, and how to tell a bad one that I won’t be back next year. I have a business approach to everything I tackle and 25 years of missed time in the great outdoors to make up. My goal in this blog is to share with you those exciting adventures that I have had and the learning experiences from each. I will tell you about my mistakes, my heartbreaks, and those days when everything seemed to go just right. I will tell you about my upcoming plans for trips abroad and how I plan and organize them. I will give you my strategies for getting the best deals with an outfitter, my conditioning program to ensure that I am able to meet the physical requirements to best enjoy that hunt of a life time, and maybe even a recipe or two for some of the bounty nature provides. In the meantime get outside. Hunt, fish, bike, hike, ski, or whatever gets your blood pumping. We live inside the greatest theme park in the country…the State of Maine.


Darrell Pardy

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