Turkey Hunting (Spring & Fall)

Hunt the central Maine farmlands and woods for Maine’s elusive wild turkey. It’s been said that Maine offers the best wild turkey hunting experience in the USA!  Big, wild, unpressured birds are a turkey hunter’s dream come true!   If you tag out, there are plenty of fish to catch or set up for some coyote hunting.

Wild Mushrooms

That’s right, we hunt for mushrooms too!  Hen of the Woods, Chanterelles, black trumpets, King Bolete, Puffballs, Shaggy Mane, Horse Mushrooms, Meadow Mushrooms, Chaga … the list goes on and on!  We run recreational mushroom walks/hikes during different times of the year and do private groups too.

Whitetail Deer

Maine’s most sought-after big game animal! We offer a variety of whitetail deer hunts with bow, rifle, and black powder on private land ranging from the Belgrade Lakes Region to the north woods.  Personalized guide services are available or you can “do it yourself” with the help of our guides.  Our deer hunts are all customized, so email or call to plan your hunt.

Black Powder Deer Hunting

Black Powder Hunting is an awesome way to hunt Central Maine!   We usually have snow on the ground and the deer are keyed up on the secondary rut and food sources.  We hunt this season in ground blinds, some tree stands, and still hunting/stalking.  It’s exciting!  The December season is a great time to track a true Maine giant buck.  The season starts the Monday after Thanksgiving and runs for 2 weeks.

Ducks & Geese

Guide Services include all your duck/Goose Hunting needs with the exception of shotgun and licenses.  We run these trips on local marshes with established blinds and jump-shooting the local rivers.  Young hunters are VERY welcome! Excellent fishing opportunities during non-hunting times of day too. Guide Fees: $300 a day for 1 or 2 people.  Inquire about larger parties.