Some pretty cool videos

Well, I’m starting to get the hang of this blog thing!  I’ve been fishing just about every day from dawn till dusk, so there isn’t a lot of time to post, but here’s a couple of videos I put on YouTube (and our facebook page). 

You’ll want to click on the HD button (or 720dpi) to see them at their best.

I love the loon video!  They are such a cool bird!   

Here’s a bunch of white perch under the dock at the Snow Pond Cottage – I took this last week.

This short video is of my friend Dustin when we went striper fishing on the Kennebec River last week – too funny!  

Awesome fishing lately

The fishing has really picked up the last week.  Today I did  a pike trip that was as fun as a day of fishing can be.  No 20 pounders today, but a LOT of fish and we did get 2 giants to chase but not hit.  Live bait was not good today and every fish caught was on artificials.  The fish were really active.

The other good news is the smallmouth bass.  They are really feeding right now, including the bigger females.  The bass are still shallow, even during the heat of the day.

It can’t rain forever!

PHEW!  What  a rainy weekend. 
Three Cheers for Jeff and Henry who fished through some nasty stuff!  We didn’t find the giant pike we were hoping for, but the guys got some nice fish.  It was raining so hard at one point that it was difficult to hold on to the fishing pole!

What a weekend!

Every once and a while things really come together nicely and this weekend was one of those times. I had the pleasure of fishing with 9 different people in 2 days. What a blast! Even found time to float down the Kennebec River looking for striped bass with my dad. There’s a ton of bait in the river right now making it hard to catch the stripers. It takes a lot of casts, but when you hook up you’d better hold on!

We also caught some serious largemouth bass in the Belgrade’s this weekend and a lot of smaller northern pike. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get anyone hooked up on a giant pike, but we did see a few big ones follow to the boat. The smallmouth bass fishing is boiling hot right now too. I love this time of year!

New Website

We are so pleased to have the new website up and running! It’s been a long time coming and I’ll do my best to generate some great video clips and keep everyone updated on the fishing conditions, water temps, etc. In addition to my posts, some of our guides will be posting here too. For example, Bill Swan did a fly fishing trip here in Central Maine two days ago and got into some awesome dry fly fishing and Bill Laflamme had an sweet day on Great Pond on Monday chasing smallmouth bass. These guys will be posting their highlights as often as possible here on the blog too.

Don’t forget to check out our facebook page for even more updates and current information on the fishing! Feel free to post your pictures and tell us about your exploits too!

Lastly, I’ve also added a specials board to the new site, so if we have some cancellations or last minute openings, etc you can take advantage.