Early Spring

Spring arrived early this year here in the Belgrade Lakes and it felt great to get out on the lake for opening day on April 1. We’ve been running a lot of northern pike trips with good success and the bass fishing has already kicked into high gear. The last two days Bill Swan, who is one of our best fly fishing guides, spent some quality time with Darrell from Freeport, Maine chasing brook trout on the remote ponds in the area. It was windy, rainy and sometimes even snowy, but Darrell is a gamer and they caught a ton of wild brook trout! As I’m writing this, we are actually getting a light snow squall, which is a vivid reminder that it’s still April in Maine. The good news is that this weekend it’s supposed to hit 70 with sunshine and calm winds. I can’t wait!

A quick reminder that wild turkey season is fast approaching too. Youth day is this Saturday, May 1 and opening day is Saturday, May 5. DIF&W has changed the rules for wild turkey this year and hunters can shoot 2 birds this spring, which makes the hunt even more alluring. We have guides and cottages ready to go . . . . GOBBLE GOBBLE!

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