Spring Fishing

Now that our family has decided to move back to Belgrade Lakes and leave Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, I’m all geared up to hit the local lakes and chase some fish around.  It’s an exciting time, although quite busy and chaotic.  Moving again ranks right up there with getting a root canal, but once it’s over I’ll feel better.  In the meantime, we’ll be running our usual fishing trips in the Belgrade’s and I’ll just be driving  back and forth.

bassLast week we hit some of the back waters in the Belgrade’s, along with Great and Snow Pond.  Didn’t see any bass beds yet, but it won’t be long.  Water temps were in the low 60’s on the surface and the water clarity was relatively clear.  One of the highlights was catching pike and bass on topwater.  Usually I think stickbaits and twitchbaits this time of year, maybe throw some flukes and sluggos.  But we were surprised to find the topwater action.  During that time we didn’t make contact with any big pike, but we did get some good numbers.  I’m hoping that during the Memorial Day holiday weekend some big ones will be caught.