Tagged Out

Well, I finally tagged out.  It was a terrific rifle season and it ended on a great note.  I managed to shoot a nice 6 point buck Friday morning.  I’d jumped some does on the edge of a swamp, so I hunkered down for about 20 minutes and sat perfectly still.  I could hear the deer moving around in the standing water in the swamp, so I know they didn’t go too far.  I decided to work on a doe bleat call to see if there was a buck keeping tabs on the does and sure enough I was able to call him in.  He was perfectly down wind of me when I shot him, which is a miracle in itself, but is a testament to trying to hunt as sent free as possible.  I put a lot of time and energy into that part of hunting and it paid off this morning.  Not the biggest deer in the Belgrade’s, but not too bad either.  Venison for ice fishing season this year! 

Black Powder Season starts in a week and we are ready.  We have hunts here in the Belgrade’s and a the lodge in Bingham.  If you want to hunt this year, give me a ring and we’ll put something together for you.

~ Mike

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