Winter Fun

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog but that’s only because I’ve been fishing so much!  I know, tough life eh’? Well this winter has been a whooper that’s for sure and we’ve been very busy shoveling out cottages and working on ice shacks along with chasing flags.  This past week we got 2 snow storms but it didn’t slow us down.  We guided a great group of people on Tuesday and Thursday and then fished with family on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  My daughter Elena caught a GIANT black crappie that won her a new pack basket at the local derby.   The guys that rented the cottage on Snow Pond got into some good fishing too and landed a 20.20 lb pike that was over 40 inches!  There’s a good story behind that fish, so check our facebook page for that!

On Sunday I managed to get my snowmobile stuck in some serious slush!  Talk about a mess.  But, as usual we managed to get the thing out and make it back safe and sound.  I’d be fibbing if I didn’t admit that I was cold though.  But that’s ice fishing; sometimes you win and sometimes the conditions can beat you up.  Either way, it makes for great story!   Speaking of dealing with the conditions, THREE CHEERS for Lynn and his crew Paul, Robert, & Becka for fishing through some gusty winds last week.  Bottom line is everyone caught fish, we had too many laughs to count, ate really well and got a nice sun burn as a bonus.   That’s good livin’!!!!

 So now that March has arrived the  longer days will hopefully create some melting conditions and by the month’s end the streams should be running.  That will draw some of the bigger female pike into their staging and spawning grounds.  This is a great time of year to target big, pre-spawn pike.  The picture here is of my nephew Tyler.  he came to visit this weekend and caught his first every ice-pike.  Way to go kido! 

In addition to the pike fishing, it’s a great time of year to fish for brook trout and white perch.  The black crappie should also be staging and I can’t wait to get back into my favorite crappie hole for a few late afternoon/night-time jigging fests.  I just love jigging crappie!  Having the right jigs and electronics makes a huge difference.  

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful winter as much as we are!  Tomorrow we’re off to snowshoe the Kennebec Highlands on a geocashing adventure.  That should be fun!

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